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The Digital Commerce Group provides essential business operating services; targeted online advertising / SEO, cash advance / loans, and credit card payments that drive over 60% of the operating cash flow in most businesses. We help you identify and attract new customers, communicate product / service value and ensure a seamless, secure, quality shopping experience in-store, online or by telephone…


Our thirty-five plus years of eCommerce and financial services expertise were earned through leadership roles at JP Morgan Chase, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and several highly successful, eCommerce ventures. The experience of managing large bank portfolios with hundreds of thousands of customers has played a significant role in defining the culture of DCG today. It has instilled an appreciation for the value of developing individual client relationships earned through trust and mutual respect. Our goal is to be considered your trusted advisor in our areas of expertise. On your behalf, we navigate through the sheer volume and complexity of financial and advertising services, saving you significant time and research effort. We identify, evaluate and implement, high quality, cost-effective, scalable solutions, tailored specifically to your industry and budget.



Attract & Contact:


  • Our proprietary digital advertising services platform has a broad set of state-of-the-art technologies that every eCommerce business can afford ​
  • Our “flat fee” and “pay for performance” lead generation / advertising fee structure virtually guarantees a higher return for our clients’ advertising dollar ​


Transact: ​


  • Our Credit Card processing services allow cardholders to make payments from the device, location and card type they prefer​
  • Our loan and cash advance solutions provide the funds needed to capitalize on new opportunities quickly with minimal administrative effort  


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