Assess, Identify and Refine: We Help Develop Your Website’s SEO Road Map


To improve the quality of your current SEO program,  it is imperative to establish baselines for each essential SEO function. Optimization is an ongoing effort, and there are varying degrees of improvement in functionality, unique to your business, that will yield results. Identifying those improvements, the cost associated with them, and their long-term benefits will guide the development of your SEO road map. 


Our SEO Process is Tailored to Your Business …


  • Assess / Audit              Review current optimized state of each essential SEO function, on and off page​
  • Identify Opportunities Short and long-term improvement refinements, and the degree to which they improve SEO quality
  • Refine & Prioritize       Ranked in order of financial impact to your business begin refinements and track results

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Key Elements of Well-Optimized Website


  • Navigation:                    Intuitive, user friendly navigation, better user shopping experience, increase repeat visits​
  • Responsive Design:   Website layout accommodates any device: PC, tablet or smartphone ​
  • Simple Code:               Keep “code bloat” to a minimum, layout as simple as possible​
  • Content:                        The most important aspect of SEO… fresh, relevant and helpful​
  • Indexing  / Site Map:  Must upload same way each update or risk losing website’s content ​
  • Site Speed:                  Site speed is essential for a quality user experience, repeat visitors ​
  • Consistency:                All content will be styled (look and feel) consistently across the site, build brand







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