224 million U.S. Online shoppers will spend $690 Billion in 2020…


eCommerce sales are forecasted to increase significantly through 2025 and every business, regardless of size or industry, must have an on-line presence to capitalize. However; many small and mid-size businesses can no longer afford Google’s keyword “bidding” advertising model. Google and Yahoo / Bing are rapidly becoming the exclusive advertising platforms of the fortune 1000 and their multi-million-dollar advertising budgets.   ​

Your business has cost effective Advertising options


Recently recognized as one of the top 100 business directories globally, our proprietary digital services / advertising platform has a broad set of marketing and advertising technologies that every eCommerce business can afford. A monthly “flat fee” advertising cost structure coupled with easy to use state of the art technologies virtually guarantees a higher return for our clients’ advertising dollar. Automated content posting tools attract instant, non-organic traffic and a long-term, brand building online presence… 


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