What is an SBA Disaster Loan?


The Small Business Administration facilitates loans up to $5.5 million for small businesses. The SBA doesn’t lend the money, it provides loan guarantees to a nationwide group of lenders that reduce the risk of loan default. It sets guidelines for lenders under which loans can be made, ensuring more loans to small business, thereby fueling the growth of small businesses in the U.S.


SBA guaranteed loans rates are usually comparable to non-guaranteed loans and in some cases no collateral is required. The funds can generally be used for most business purposes (always confirm); operating capital, expansion, renovation, new product lines etc. A list of approved lenders can be found here:


While eligibility for SBA Loans is always specific to the business, some of the general requirements are: 

  • A legally registered for-profit entity 
  • Physically located and does business it the U.S and / or its territories​
  • The owner has invested his /her own money and time into the business ​
  • The business has applied for and been declined for all other traditional loan options  


Covid-19 SBA Disaster Loans:  


In times of extreme hardship the SBA will offer Disaster Loans. To find out if your business qualifies for a disaster loan start with the SBA Disaster Loan Assistance site


On the site you will find eligible geographic locations (currently all U.S. businesses are eligible for Covid-19), the online application and a portal to check your applications status. The three steps in the online SBA Disaster Loan process are:


  1. Complete online application, upload all required supporting documentation and submit the loan application ​
  2. Once received, the SBA will review your loan application and provide a decision in “2-3 weeks” (may be longer based on volume of applications)​
  3. If approved, SBA will provide the loan documentation for signature and loan funds disbursement​

The specific documentation list required to support your loan application can be found here under “required documentation”: ​


During this time of financial hardship for all small business owners across the U.S, an SBA disaster loan is the best, if not only viable option. Most online and bank lenders have incurred losses and will tighten their lending approval processes to manage risk going forward.


As a lending broker, The digital Commerce Group works with numerous lenders to provide non-SBA working capital to small businesses nationwide. While we are not able to provide any funding at this time, we believe in 60-90 days the business environment will begin to improve. At the first signs of growth, we will begin working with businesses in industries like retail, restaurant, fitness and salons to quickly provide the working capital they will require to replenish inventory, restart marketing programs and increase payroll spending. We will be here to help businesses seize the opportunities that the recovering economy will present! ​


​ Our short-term micro loan program may be a tool your business could leverage to get back on track to profitability 2020. We can tell you today how much working capital your business will be eligible for based upon 4 basic data points:


  1. Monthly cash flow from November 2019 – February 2020,​
  2. Industry code​
  3. Amount of time in business​
  4. Business zip code

​ There is no substitute for a recovery plan, contact us and we will help you get started. Throughout the process, you are never under any obligation to us. 







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