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What is a foreign entity or a branch office?

A foreign entity is formed to conduct a business under an existing entity of a foreign country or the other state. Generally, it is registered with the same name or create a D.B.A, if the name is not available in the state.

Does a foreign entity acquire a new Employer Identification Number?

A unique rule is applied to get an E.I.N. for a foreign entity which are described below:

  1. The existing Employer Identification Number is used for a branch office, if a branch office is established for a USA entity. A notification is sent to the Internal Revenue Service for a branch office.
  2. A new Employer Identification Number is applied, if a branch office is established for a foreign country's entity in the United States.


What documents are filed to create a branch office in the USA?

  1. An article of incorporation or the organization is filed with the Secretary of State according to the entity type such as a corporation or a limited liability company.
  2. Latest certificate of good standing, that is not more than 90 days old is submitted along with the application. It states, that a company is legally registered in the specific state where the article is being submitted and not on any default.Such as it has filed all annual reports and franchise taxes to the state.

What is the estimated time to file a certificate of authority to transact business in the USA?

It depends on each state's number of applications are in a line or prior to your application to register a foreign entity.

Can a Non US Resident open a branch office in the USA?

A Non-US-Resident can form a foreign entity in the USA, regardless of a social security number.

How does a foreign entity file taxes?

The consolidated income and expense are reported to the Internal Revenue Service whereas each state files a separate return and allocate income and expense incurred in each specified state.

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