What is a line of credit?


A small business line of credit financing option is a revolving credit line like a credit card, but with much higher credit limits. Once approved, your business can draw on it for any reason and it will remain available as long as your payment history is in good standing. There are many credit line providers with unique terms. Our credit experts will align your business with a credit line tailored to your specific credit profile: credit score, industry, time in business, and annual revenue. The stronger the profile, the lower the rates and fees.



Primary Benefits of Lines of Credit Are: 


  1. Instant access to funds when needed
  2. Only pay on credit used
  3. Business will receive the agreed upon line within 24-48 hours
  4. Significantly easier application / approval process than typical SBA loan
  5. Immediate working capital infusion to capitalize on new profit generating opportunities
  6. No restrictions on how the business uses the capital
  7. Hard assets are not required for collateral in some cases

Take 4 minutes to provide a few basic details about your business pre-funding application  


We will email you shortly thereafter to let you know if your business will qualify for a line of credit. The next step is to request a telephone consultation with a credit expert to address all questions you may have. Throughout the process, you are never under any obligation to us.  






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