“When we have two URLs that have the same content and we are trying to pick one to show in the search results, we will pick the shorter one” - Google Executive


Our Custom URL technology converts a standard URL with a long string of characters into a short, succinct URL with custom text to explain what you will see when you click it. Custom URLs make specific, relevant advertising content easier for search engines to find, and name recognition increases CTR (click-through rate). Sharing custom URLs with affiliates or prospective customers, increases trust, backlinks, and website trust / relevancy scores, all of which improve overall website optimization.



Custom URLs Increase Website Optimization:


  • Optimized at domain level                       Primary domain name, sub-domain name, add-on and a parked domain​
  • Refined “unpaid” search visibility         Converts each page / sub-page into search engine friendly pages​
  • Branded domain (s)                                  Generate increased link trust, brand awareness and CTR (click through rate)
  • Perfect content match                            Between page content and title on URL, page optimizes (indexes) faster, and ranks higher
  • Program management report                Real time statistics allow the user to adjust / improve relevancy of web traffic
  • Customize for mobile searches            URLs can be developed for mobile users with audio, videos, graphic and written content

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...& Data Security:


  • Custom URLs                                             All Shortened URLs are password protected, encrypted, and use https protocols
  • Bot protection                                            URL creators required to pass “captcha”; ensures no malicious bot activity​
  • Individually scanned                                Prevents introduction of malware prior to being published and linked to the website
  • Keyword in title                                          Eliminates possibility of URL being considered spam and blocked
  • No link duplication                                    Eliminates risk of negative SEO implications such as being marked as spam







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