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Is a Corporation the Right Legal Entity for My Business?



What is a corporation? 


A corporation is one of the entity types used to conduct proper, legal business. Corporation registration also keeps your personal assets protected. A corporation is filed with the secretary of state for a business name registration.


How do you register a corporation? 


  1. Articles of incorporation are prepared and signed for by the incorporator and are then filed with the secretary of state
  2. The article of incorporation is contains the name of the incorporator, names of the officers, registered agents' names and address, business description, and the physical business address
  3. Bylaws and the details of a meeting are also a part of the initial business set up, but they are not typically filed along with the article of incorporation.The article of incorporation is prepared for managerial use exclusively


Can a Non U.S. resident create a corporation? 


A corporation can be created without the incorporator being physically present in the United States. 


What is the estimated time to register a corporation?


Each state has its own procedure in regards to corporation registration applications. In most states it is filed electronically and approved the same day.


What is the policy for corporation name availability? 


A distinguished, original corporate name is required in order to gain the examiner's approval. 


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