You've Worked Hard to Become a Trusted Partner to Your Clients... 


  • They respect your business acumen and will listen to your recommendations
  • They trust your judgement and know you will always have their best interests in mind
  • They are always interested in services you provide that are designed to increase their cash flow / grow in their business
  • They value multi-service relationships and prefer to work with just a few trusted partners like you
  • They understand frequent communication provides you with a better understanding of the challenges they need to solve
  • They refer you to their colleagues because of the the quality of your working history together



Introducing New Services to Your Client Relationships is a Win - Win! 


A partnership with the Digital Commerce Group will provide you with a single source for the value-added services your clients need to effectively run their businesses. Our years of experience enable us to provide insight and support that help you generate strong sales results in some of the fastest growing U.S industries today.​ 



  • Online Advertising:                                Over 224 million online shoppers will spend $690 Billion in 2020…​ Your clients can attract new customers
  • Micro Cash Advance:                             Over 6 years, Square Capital lent $9 billion, $6,000 at a time…      Your clients get approved, THEN you tell them
  • Business Valuations:​                              Over 10,000 businesses sold in 2018…                                          Your clients need to know what theirs is worth
  • Trial & Continuity Processing:​               Over $3 billion in sales volume annually…                                      Your clients need a long-term solution
  • New Corporation  /  LLC Formation:       Over 400,000 new businesses formed each year…                        Your clients are forming new businesses




DCG understands this is your client:

  • You choose your level of involvement in the process
  • No experience required with Online Advertising / SEO,  Micro Loans or Business Formation
  • DCG evaluates opportunity BEFORE you discuss with your client, then educates and implements the client's services on your behalf
  • DCG provides service updates, lucrative 1-time and monthly recurring commissions with monthly statements


Let's discuss the possibilities. We'll both be better for having the conversation.







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Thank you for considering the Digital Commerce Group!

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