{ part·ner }

"a person associated with another or others as a principal or contributor in a business or joint venture, sharing in profits and risks" 
As a trusted adviser, your clients rely on your expertise and advice for many of the opportunities and challenges their business’ face. At times, help/solutions they require are outside the scope of your practices’ core competencies. A partnership with the Digital Commerce Group will provide your practice with a single source for the value added services your clients routinely use. Depending upon  the type of your client's business, these services can represent up to 25% of annual business expense and drive 50% or more of the incoming cash flow. ​

DCG Provides Mission Critical Services Essential to Any Businesses' Success:

  • Credit card processing/interchange expense analysis
  • Short term working capital financing/cash advances for business expansion, operating expenses or refinancing
  • eCommerce advertising alternatives to Google/Yahoo that yield improved ROI of advertising budget spend
  • Mobile app/website design and development
  • New Corp/ LLC formation
  • Business valuations for small/middle market companies


Your Practice has a Unique Opportunity to:

  • Acquire new clients with a broader set of core business solutions
  • Enhance existing client satisfaction/retention
  • Differentiate practice from competitors
  • Increase one time & recurring revenue via the DCG partner program
Learn more about partnering with us to broaden and deepen your client relationships. ​

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