{ part·ner }

"a person associated with another or others as a principal or contributor in a business or joint venture, sharing in profits and risks" 
As a Trusted Advisor, your clients rely on your expertise and advice for many of the opportunities and challenges their business’ face. At times, the solutions or guidance they require are beyond the scope of your practices’ core competencies. A partnership with the Digital Commerce Group will provide your practice with a single source for the essential services your clients need to run their businesses. Depending upon your client's industry, these services can represent up to 25% of annual business expense and drive 60% or more of their operating cash flow. ​

Your Practice has a Unique Opportunity to:

  • Enhance existing client satisfaction, retention and new client referrals 
  • Acquire new clients with a broader set of core business solutions
  • Differentiate your practice with value added tools like our annual Cost of Acceptance interchange analysis 
  • Increase one time and recurring revenue via the Trusted Advisor program





DCG Provides Mission Critical Services Essential to Any Businesses' Success:

  • Online Advertising:                                Over 224 million online shoppers will spend $690 Billion in 2020…​ Your clients identify, attract new customers
  • Short-Term Working Capital:                  Over $20 Billion will be loaned from non-bank lenders in 2020...     Your clients get cash fast, no restrictions  
  • Micro Cash Advance:                             Over 6 years, Square Capital lent $9 billion, $6,000 at a time…      Your clients approval rate exceeds 77%
  • Business Valuations:​                             Over 10,000 businesses sold in 2018…                                           Your clients need to know what theirs is worth
  • Credit Card Processing:          ​              Over 80 levels of Visa / MasterCard interchange…                          Your clients process correctly, they lower fees
  • New Corporation / LLC Formation:      Over 400,000 new businesses formed each year…                          Your clients are forming new businesses


Learn more  about how a Trusted Advisor partnership with the the Digital Commerce Group will broaden and deepen your client relationships...

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